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Sep 27, 2021 | Scott Walton | 1153 views
A Message from the Dir of Hockey Operations
We appreciate the efforts that everyone’s putting forth to navigate the various COVID-19 protocols. While they can be a hassle, these are allowing us to have a relatively normal hockey season. Continued compliance with them is critical to protect the health of our players and ensure that we can continue to play. While overall compliance has been very good, we want to remind everyone of some important aspects of our policies.

1. Daily screening per facility must be completed and you must be prepared to show the documentation; see the GGHA 21-22 COVID info page for more information and screening links.


2. Please do not pay lip service to the screening, honestly assess your daily condition and that of your young player.


3. Masks must be worn by all spectators, at all times.


4. Players’ masks must be worn at all times when they do not have their helmets on and ready to enter the ice surface. Den moms will be checking and those found not complying will be warned once and then asked to leave for the evening. Non-compliance puts everyone's health and the continued use of facilities at risk.


5. Players must abide by the dressing room number allowance per facility. We have been assigned sufficient dressing rooms so there is no excuse for not following the direction.


6. Players and coaches must be given priority to enter the facility for U13 and above. There is little time for dressing and the players are the priority.


7. If players require skates to be tied, parents may use the chairs outside the dressing room to tie skate and then vacate the dressing room area.


8. Parents should not be congregating around dressing rooms in any arena. With the high concentration of players and parents we are exceeding the max number of people in a small space


9. Parents, spectators need to respect the physical distancing parameters (2m or 6ft).


10. Most facilities allow for a single parent/guardian - please respect that rule. We understand you all want to watch and experience your child’s return to the ice but we run the risk of facilities limiting our access.  This season is about the players; the stricter we are now the sooner we may be able to return to normal.  


11. Players, coaches and parents must leave the facilities as quickly as possible - within 10 minutes of the end of the ice time.  Please do not wait to leave in groups.

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