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Goaltending is a critical aspect of team play and requires direct & consistent unique coaching skills. Just as forwards and defenders get specific coaching for their respective positions, goalies require the same attention and guided skill development. [Hockey Canada - Goaltending]

The GGHA is proud to offer Goaltender Development Instructors for both our rep and local leagues.

In addition to our Goaltender Development Instructors, we also provide the opportunity for our bench staff to further their skills in this area.

During the fall of 2023, the GGHA provided the opportunity for its bench staff to attend a Goaltending Level 1 Clinic at the University of Guelph. 


Hockey Canada Skill Development | Goaltending

Coaching Goalies

Hockey Canada offers the following Goaltending Coach clinics:

  • Goaltending Level 1 is a clinic that is suited for any coach or hockey person to take. It explains the basics of the goaltending position and key areas of emphasis for skill development.
  • Goaltending Level 2 is for a coach who wants to learn more about the position and more advanced tools to teach your goaltenders.
  • Goaltending Level 3 is an application only program which aims to recognize and certify specialized goaltending coaches across the country.