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What Causes a Concussion?

A concussion, which is also known as a ‘Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’ or MTBI, is a brain injury caused by the impact of the brain with the inside of the skull. The impact causes damage that changes how brain cells function, leading to symptoms that can be physical (headaches, dizziness), cognitive (problems remembering or concentrating), or emotional (feeling depressed). A concussion can result from a blow to the head or body in any number of activities, including sports. 

Pocket Concussion Tool:

This pocket guide is a checklist meant to help coaches and parents spot concussions in kids and recognize what symptoms are red flags needing immediate medical attention - Click below to download a printable PDF version
Sleep disturbances or drowsiness
Nausea and vomiting
Poor balance or coordination
Visual problems
Sensitivity to light or noise
Mentally foggy
Difficulty concentrating/remembering

More serious “Red Flag” symptoms of concussion (which should be treated IMMEDIATELY by a medical professional) can include:

Increased drowsiness or cannot be awakened
Headaches worsen or neck pain
Persistent vomiting
Pupils are unequal in size
Confusion or short-term memory loss
Blurred/Double vision, slurred speech or loss of motor function
Change in behaviour (irritability, agitation or aggression)


Hockey Canada Concussion App:

Hockey Canada is determined to reduce concussions in Hockey. RESPECT, rules, rule enforcement, education, awareness and skill development are all key steps to reducing concussions. Players and adults involved in the game all have a role.  The GGHA joins Hockey Canada in their commitment to this endeavour.

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