Unused Ice Slots (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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Colour: Minimum Length: Group By:
Centennial Arena
Sun, Feb 069:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Sun, Feb 209:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 139:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 209:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Exhibition Arena
Sat, Feb 054:00 PM8:00 PM240306754
Sun, Feb 068:00 PM9:00 PM60000000
Sat, Feb 194:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Sun, Feb 208:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 047:00 PM9:00 PM120306754
Sat, Mar 052:00 PM3:00 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 054:00 PM5:00 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 117:00 PM9:00 PM120306754
Sat, Mar 126:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 187:00 PM9:00 PM120306754
Sat, Mar 191:00 PM5:00 PM240306754
Sat, Mar 197:00 PM8:00 PM60306754
Sleeman Centre
Sat, Feb 058:30 PM10:00 PM90306754
Sat, Feb 197:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
Thu, Mar 177:00 PM8:30 PM90306754
U of Guelph - Gold
Thu, Jan 278:30 PM9:30 PM60306754
Fri, Jan 285:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Sat, Jan 2911:30 AM2:30 PM180306754
Fri, Feb 185:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Mon, Feb 215:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Feb 255:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 045:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sat, Mar 0511:30 AM12:30 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 115:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 1310:30 AM12:00 PM90306754
Mon, Mar 145:30 PM8:30 PM180306754
Fri, Mar 185:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
U of Guelph - Red
Thu, Jan 275:00 PM7:00 PM120306754
Mon, Jan 315:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Mon, Feb 145:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Mon, Feb 215:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Mon, Feb 285:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 035:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Mon, Mar 075:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 106:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Mon, Mar 145:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Thu, Mar 175:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
Victoria Road Rec Centre
Sat, Feb 058:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Fri, Mar 185:00 PM6:00 PM60306754
West End (WERC) 1
Thu, Feb 036:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Feb 046:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Feb 096:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Tue, Feb 156:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Feb 176:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Feb 186:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Feb 236:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Feb 246:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Feb 256:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Mar 036:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Mar 046:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Tue, Mar 086:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Mar 096:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Mar 106:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Mar 116:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Tue, Mar 156:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Mar 176:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Mar 186:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
West End (WERC) 2
Tue, Feb 017:45 PM9:15 PM90306754
Sun, Feb 272:45 PM3:45 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 132:45 PM3:45 PM60306754
Sun, Mar 135:45 PM7:15 PM90306754
Sun, Mar 206:45 PM10:15 PM210306754
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