Unused Ice Slots (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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Colour: Minimum Length: Group By:
Centennial Arena
Sun, Jan 159:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Sun, Jan 229:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Sun, Jan 299:00 PM10:00 PM60306754
Exhibition Arena
Sat, Jan 071:00 PM4:00 PM180306754
Sat, Jan 075:00 PM8:00 PM180306754
Sun, Jan 088:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Sat, Jan 142:00 PM6:00 PM240306754
Sat, Jan 147:00 PM8:00 PM60306754
Sat, Jan 213:00 PM6:00 PM180306754
Sun, Jan 228:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Sat, Jan 283:00 PM6:00 PM180306754
Sun, Jan 298:00 PM9:00 PM60306754
Sleeman Centre
Sat, Jan 147:00 PM10:00 PM180306754
Sat, Jan 288:30 PM10:00 PM90306754
Univeristy of Guelph Gold
Fri, Jan 065:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Fri, Jan 135:30 PM6:30 PM60306754
Sat, Jan 1412:30 PM2:00 PM90306754
Sun, Jan 1510:30 AM12:00 PM90306754
Fri, Jan 205:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Fri, Jan 275:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
University of Guelph Red
Thu, Jan 196:00 PM7:00 PM60306754
Victoria Road Rec Centre
Mon, Jan 095:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Mon, Jan 165:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Mon, Jan 235:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
Mon, Jan 305:30 PM7:30 PM120306754
West End Recreation Centre 1
Wed, Jan 116:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Jan 126:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Jan 136:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Jan 186:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Thu, Jan 196:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Jan 206:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Jan 259:00 PM10:30 PM90306754
Thu, Jan 266:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Fri, Jan 276:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Tue, Jan 316:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
Wed, Feb 016:30 AM7:30 AM60306754
West End Recreation Centre 2
Sun, Jan 085:45 PM6:45 PM60306754
Sun, Jan 088:15 PM10:15 PM120306754
Sun, Jan 157:45 PM10:15 PM150306754
Sun, Jan 225:45 PM6:45 PM60306754
Sun, Jan 228:15 PM10:15 PM120306754
Tue, Jan 247:45 PM9:15 PM90306754
Sun, Jan 298:15 PM10:15 PM120306754
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