Strategic Plan Development (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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The GGHA is dedicated to providing a fun environment for females to develop self-esteem and confidence through hockey, by promoting team work, a strong work ethic and athletic commitment, which develops all members to be the best they can be as players, team mates, and leaders for now and for the future.

The GGHA is working with the International Institute for Sport Business and Leadership (IISBL) at the University of Guelph to help develop a strategic plan for our members.
The strategic planning process will be highly collaborative and include consultation with key stakeholdersAs part of the process, we will be looking for feedback from members about their experience with the GGHA though surveys and interviews.

The members from the IISBL, Dr. Daniel Wigfield and Jaime Magoffin, will be administrating the survey and interviews.
- For those contacted to complete the online survey, it's expected to take 15 minutes of your time.

- For those contacted to participate in an interview, you can expect conversations to last between 45 minutes to one (1) hour.

        - We will also be providing individual athlete surveys to teams U15 and above to be complete prior to or after one of their scheduled GGHA events.  
If contacted by the IISBL team via email, please consider engaging with the project as your participation is essential to enhancing the future of the GGHA.

Your consideration and participation is greatly appreciated!

Research team members (i.e., Dr. Wigfield and Jaime Magoffin) have been highly involved in the hockey community, and you may or may not have had a previous interaction with them in various roles (e.g. coach, board member, volunteer, athlete). They may or may not have had the fortunate opportunity to previously interact with you in some capacity and look forward to the opportunity to learn from you.

The purpose of the project is to conduct an environmental scan using multiple research methods on behalf of the GGHA.  It is from this environmental scan where organizational goals and key performance indicators will be established to guide both the current and future governance as well as enhancement of capacity of the GGHA. By undertaking a thorough assessment of its current operations to establish an improved course of direction for the organization, the GGHA are showing that it is committed to enhancing its professionalization which moves the organization closer to being a model organization in Ontario sport.

As noted above, the study seeks to assist in establishing a direction for the GGHA that will better serve its constituents. To fully evaluate the current operations of the GGHA, as well as the develop a new strategic plan to help guide the organization through the next five years, the perspectives of individuals involved with the Board of Directors and other key touchpoints of the organization are sought. As key operational stakeholders of the GGHA, your insights are sought in order to assist in the development of a strategic plan, which can be leveraged to increase participants and improve its financial position.