GGHA Rep Tryout FAQ (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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What are tryouts?

The on ice tryout process that begins in April is the culmination of rep team selection. It is only part of the process, as coaches are expected to watch teams and players throughout the end of the season to provide a broader and more representative assessment of players’ abilities. This ensures that player selections are made with as much information as possible, and that a single bad day, illness or absence does not prevent a player from being properly considered. However, tryouts are a key component for final player selections.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts start shortly after the conclusion of the hockey season. For the 2024-2025 season, the OWHA has stated these can start on April 17th, 2024.  Tryouts for each age group will run simultaneously. Within an age group, tryouts for different levels (e.g. AA, A, BB) run consecutively. Top teams are selected first, then tryouts progress to second tier teams.

What are internal tryouts?

Internal tryouts are elective but strongly recommended on ice sessions for players that will be trying out for a given age group (e.g. a U11 player that will be trying out for U13 for 2024-2025 will participate in the U13 internal tryouts. Internal tryouts provide coaches with an additional opportunity to observe players from different teams at the same time. Internal tryouts are restricted to players currently registered in the GGHA as they occur before the formal tryout period.

My daughter isn’t targeting the top team. Should she attend the top tier tryouts?

Yes, this is strongly recommended. Coaches of all teams for an age group will be in attendance for the top tier tryouts and the top tier tryouts are an important part of the evaluation process for 2nd and 3rd tier team coaches.

What if my daughter is sick or otherwise can’t attend a tryout? 

Coaches are expected to assess potentially eligible and interested players throughout the season, particularly the end of the year. If you know in advance that your daughter will not be able to attend tryouts, you should contact the coach as early as possible, as they may undertake a more detailed assessment of your daughter leading up to tryouts. If your daughter is unable to attend tryouts on short notice, you should contact the coach so they know the situation and your daughter’s interest in the team. Players that miss tryouts for legitimate reasons are still eligible for a team, but their competitiveness may be impacted by the inability to see them alongside other players during the tryouts. Selection of players that are unable to attend tryouts is at the discretion of the coach.

Who is involved in team selection?

The head coach of each team coordinates independent evaluators. These are individuals that do not have a daughter tryout out for the team or other conflicts of interest. Coaches keep evaluation notes and those are provided to the GGHA upon request if there are any questions about selections. Tryout evaluation notes are not provided to parents under any circumstances. 

Is there a cost?

Yes. Tryouts are run on a cost-recovery basis so that the GGHA can cover the cost of ice rental. Tryout fees will be decided closer to tryouts but are usually $50 - $100.

Who can I contact for more information?
For information about the general tryout process please contact [email protected]