2023 Tryouts Guidelines (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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2023 Tryout Guidelines


All players wanting to be considered for a Rep team are required to register and pay prior to participating in tryouts.

Common Tryout Questions

1. Who may attend Try-outs?

Any player wishing to try out for a GGHA Rep team is welcome to attend the tryouts for their age groups as follows: 

U9: 2015 - 2016
U11: 2013 - 2014
U13: 2011 - 2012
U15: 2009 - 2010
U18: 2006 - 2007 - 2008
U22: 2002-2005

Over 22 (Senior): open (although usually 2000 and earlier) 


Tryouts for the U9 will be both in the spring and fall. Details for the fall tryouts will be posted over the summer. 

U22A and Over 22 (Senior) teams will take place in September. Check the website for updates.

Players registered with any other Girl’s hockey association must provide a signed Permission to Skate (PTS) form from their home OWHA association, at the first skate. Proof of player’s residence for the first tryout or whose residence status has not been previously confirmed (please see the 2023 Import Policy). Players new to girls’ hockey must bring a copy of their birth certificate to the first tryout or send to [email protected] before attending the first tryout. 

2. What is being evaluated?

Player Selection criteria are specific to age and level and will be evaluated using drills that aim to allow players to demonstrate specific skills, tactics, behaviours and overall hockey knowledge and intellect. Coaches will also consider their own coaching philosophy and knowledge of player skills and attitude when building their team.

3. Who will perform the player evaluations and how are they used in the Selection Process?

Off-ice evaluators will be responsible to evaluate every player on the ice during the time allotted. Evaluators may include: the Head Coach, independent evaluators of the Head Coach’s choosing, and independent evaluators assigned by the GGHA.

4. What should my daughter wear to the evaluation?

Full equipment is always mandatory. 

Tryout jersey will be given out at each tryout. Jersey's must return. To help ensure fairness and transparency evaluators will only be provided with the players’ jersey numbers and will not be provided with players’ names or other identifiers.

5. How will players be notified of their standing within the tryout process?

Releases will be posted on our website. Final releases, will be done via email to the email address for players over 18, or to the parent/ guardian for players under 18. A response will be required to confirm receipt of the email. The Rep Convener will review the selection data and confirm the selection result with the list provided by the Head Coach.

Questions regarding an individual’s evaluation may be submitted to the Head Coach via email following a 48 hour grace period after the conclusion of tryouts for that team.

6. Will players be evaluated in both skill evaluation and game environments?

For those players advancing through all stages of the tryout process there will typically be an opportunity to exhibit the range of skills that they possess in both skill evaluation and game settings. The breakdown of skill and game situation evaluations will be determined by the Head Coach.

7. What happens after the final evaluation session?

Upon the completion of the final evaluation session, each remaining candidate will either be offered a roster spot on the team or asked to begin the tryout at the next level, if applicable. This information will be received via email within 24 hours of the final tryout session.

8. What level is a player required to try out for to play on a given team?

Players are encouraged to try out for the highest team offered in their age group, or in the case of U18, at the level one above their desired team (e.g. attend U18 A if U18 BB is the ultimate goal). Players who choose not to attend the highest level tryout should notify the Rep Convener ([email protected]) of their intentions.

9. What happens if a player is sick or injured during tryouts?

Players unable to tryout must present to the Head coach and the Rep Convener a doctor’s note specifying that the player is physically unable to participate during tryouts. The note must include a suggested date for the player to be able to return to competitive play.

10. What happens if a player is away during tryouts?

Players must attend tryouts to be eligible to make a GGHA team. Exemptions from participating in a tryout must be requested and granted in advance by the Head Coach and the Rep Convener. The Head Coach and Rep Convener are not obligated to grant any exemption request. Should a player miss a tryout without an approved exemption, the GGHA reserves the right to allow or disallow that player a spot on a Rep hockey team for the next season.

11. What do you do if the player wants to play at a year above his eligibility?

Any player wishing to tryout for a team above their proper age group is eligible to tryout only for the top tier team of the older level. If they fail to make that team they must return to their proper age group. Where a player is playing at a division higher than their age group, the player must be evaluated to be in the top 5 players for the highest division, based on skill and ability.

Players wishing to play in a division above their age category in the must email the Rep Convener of their intentions no later than February 15 to allow time for independent evaluation and approval of the Board. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Board.

12. How many players will each team carry?

All rep teams shall carry a minimum of seventeen (17) players (15 skaters + 2 goalies) unless otherwise approved by the GGHA board.