U15 A #4480, 2023-2024, Rep (Guelph Girls Hockey Association)

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This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
No upcoming games scheduled.


Central Theme: 

·         We will be a hardworking team who is willing to sacrifice or compromise for each other and be a positive, supportive teammate.  This will translate into a team who has fun and experiences success. 

Skills and Tactics that will bring success:  

1.       Win battles and races – watch body not the puck 

2.       Manage puck – protect puck and hold on to it – feet moving – deception – put between feet and stick when player opens up. 

3.       Create time and space with and without puck – run obstructions or blocks 

4.       Stop on puck and get back on top of puck – take a bad pass 

5.       Stick on puck and on ice to take lanes away – angling and finishing bumps, cut off hands, surfing in neutral and o-zone. 

6.       Block shots and stay on D-side of puck 

7.       Goalie presence – screen goalie high or low, stick on ice to tip 

8.       Proper line change– 30 to 40 second shifts – one at a time (especially D and move over) – don’t change if teammate is on a rush. 

9.       Communicate – on ice and on the bench, positive/directional 

10.    Shooting – when to shoot/pass/move – when to flick/shovel, backhand or quick release 

Practice Goals: 

1.       Hit the net! 

2.       Follow your shot! 

3.       Pass like a pro/make it count! 

4.       Practice with pace! 

5.       Never give up! 


1.       Play with grit! 

2.       Practice hard and with purpose! 

3.       110%! 

4.       Team game, not individual! 

5.       Learn when to shoot/pass/move. 

6.       Work hard on the 10 skills and tactics which are our goals this year! 

7.       Learn the team systems! 

Culture: (Each athlete will display these qualities at all times if they do not they will do number 5) 

1.       Ability to listen and take criticism. 

2.       Committed to learning and trying new things. (“NEVER STOP LEARNING!”)

3.       A positive teammate who encourages others and helps fellow teammates. 

4.       Hard worker and gives a 100% in every practice which will translate into games. 

5.       A teammate who apologizes and who is willing to compromise to solve any conflicts. 

6.       Utilizes humility and kindness. 


1.       Offensive minded 

2.       positive, humble/compromising/apologetic  

3.       open-minded and willing to learn and try (“NEVER STOP LEARNING”) 

4.       defence play forward and forwards play defence 

5.       team first 


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